House of Fair Constitution


Life has been most trialling and rewarding in equal measure, such is the burden of man. The spirit has been beaten by the hammer of destiny on the anvil of tribulation, endurance is my solace. My spirit has not become tame, rather, it burns with a rage. This rage fuels my art and my passion to change not only my circumstance but the circumstance of others, who suffer ill fortune. My humble enterprise is founded on grand ambition, to make the world a better place, a Faîrer place.

To be Faîr is to be: Beautiful, Truthful and Just. These three principles form the foundational constitution on which the House of Faîr will be built.

The House of Faîr shall exist solely to move the very core of being, the soul, through scent, imbuing the wearer with virtue and upright character. Every soul, the good and bad, trapped in any circumstance yearns for beauty, truth and justice.   

5 November 1887
The Foundations for our fair trade, ethical policy we still embrace today.


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