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"I absolutely love this fragrance! The burst of fruity freshness in the opening spritz is captivating and then the dry down is impressive. It doesn't lose any power and nor does it lose any sillage."

Fragrantica Reviewer (UK88)

Dawn Rose

"Excellent customer service, fast delivery and a remarkable perfume. It smells exotic and lasts such a long time. Perfumes tend to irritate my skin but this is the first not to, could be the natural ingredients." 

Izzy - Verified Customer (12 Jan 2021)


"Both the packaging and bottles are so beautiful and the Bisou bottle is so pretty and would look fabulous on any dressing table. Only a few spritz will last you all day."

Jue Look - Perfume Blogger (09 Feb 2021)

It all began in 1888 with
a love story...


Discover ultra-luxury perfumes at
Faîr prices...

Discover ultra-luxury
perfumes at Faîr prices...


The finest, freshest & rarest
natural ingredients...

The finest, freshest & rarest natural ingredients...


Handcrafted Artisan Perfumes

Flowers picked at the break of dawn, petals tossed on linen sheets, glass burnt in furnaces, rolled on marver and finally shaped by hand.

The final touch - each bottle is delicately hand etched.


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Hand Crafted in France

From flower picking, maceration, bottling to hand packaging

25% Concentration

Maximum percentage of essential oils allowed under IFRA regulations

Money Back Guarantee

You'll love it, but if you don't, returns available

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